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A Release of Emotions

25 February 1990
detective conan fanatic.

Hi. The name's Ran-dezvous, or at least that's how I go by in this place called the Internet. I'm a 21-year-old college graduate, with a major in clinical psychology. My hobbies include reading, watching animé, writing fanfiction, roleplaying, and obesessing about Detective Conan. And thinking—I spend a great deal of my day doing that, whether it's ruminating over serious things or indulging in my fantasies. Haha.

Behind the Name

My username, ran_dezvous, is a pun of the English word rendezvous and one of my favorite characters in Detective Conan (see how obsessed I am?), Mouri Ran. I originally planned my username to be nonfandom-related, but the names which I've thought of were either unavailable or too long for the LJ character limit. Now, I find myself rather attached to it, so if you see the name (or any spelling variation of it anywhere online, it's most likely me. XD

About This Journal

As of May 20, 2009, this journal is now officially friends-only. In here I basically ramble about my life (I don't do it a lot, though), fangirl, do a bunch of memes . . . and post some of my homework. ^^* Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but at school we're asked to write essays, and I figured they might be of interest, so why not? XD So if any of these should interest you, feel free to comment at this post. ♥ I pretty much add anyone back! ;)


Kisaki Eri (Detective Conan)

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"You must be the change you want to see in the world."
— Mahatma Gandhi

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